Tennis Racquet Stringing and Customization Services in Dubai, done in 24 hours.

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Expert tennis racquet stringing service in Dubai, using professional electronic machines and equipment for accurate results. All stringing is done to high tour standards utilizing updated stringing techniques and technology. Our ‘Attention to Details‘ service sets apart, that’s why we’re trusted from the ATP, WTA, and ITF players to the weekend warriors.

We will collect your tennis racquet, re-string and deliver it back in 24hrs within Dubai.

We have big variety of tennis strings for PRO tour, ITF juniors and casual players.

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The more you play, the greater the change in the tension of your tennis racquet strings. Whether you are TOUR player, ITF junior or casual tennis enthusiast, we are ready to perform a custom stringing on your new purchase or re-string your trusted one. Chat with us if you are ready or have any questions about what type of strings and tension would be right for you.

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