Tennis racket stringing service within DUBAI.

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We use electronic stringing machines

Custom tension

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Old strings removal

We'll remove your old strings free of charge

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Ready in 24-48hrs with no hassle
String Tennis Racket Dubai


Racket Stringing

The more you play, the greater the change in the tension of your racket strings. Whether you’re looking for tennis racket stringing or service on a different style of racket, the Tennis DXB is ready to perform a custom stringing on your new purchase or restring your trusted racket to get it back in shape.

Overgrip Replacement

Having the right hold on your racket is critical in placing the ball on the court with the spin and speed you want. Struggling with a grip can make shots difficult to control and reduce your chance of making solid contact for a powerful hit. Over time, your racket’s overgrip will begin to show signs of use.